Consultancy: Videography Long-term Agreement, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Consultancy: Videography Long-term Agreement, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Phnom Penh (Cambodia)

  • Planning: UNICEF – Un Children’s Account
  • Venue: Phnom Penh (Cambodia)
  • Grade: Consultant – Technicians Contract – Consultancy
  • Work Teams:
  • Completion Meeting: 2020-05-10

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UNICEF Cambodia region workplace is looking for get brokers for videography long lasting placement in 2020. For those who are a determined, imaginative professional and so are excited about producing a lasting differences for the children, our planet’s major children’s proper planning would love to get feedback from an individual.

UNICEF is effective in many for the world’s toughest places, to achieve the world’s a large number of disadvantaged kids. Saving their own resides. To defend their right. To help them fulfill their unique potential.

Across 190 places and regions, all of us assist every youngsters, every-where, every single day, to develop an improved community for all. Therefore never ever sacrifice.

For son or daughter, telecommunications

UNICEF will hire instructors under Long Term setup (LTA) to back up their interactions requirements and complete short-term, and possibly short-notice, self-employed projects on an ad-hoc factor. The tasks for completed by the videographer includes producing videos material, filming niche activities and on-camera interview, cover activities and advertisments etc. The responsibilities will start from making accomplished video clips to creating b-roll and transmitted quality video clip content material for distribution to numerous mass media including tvs, use on UNICEF’s digital channels, usage for nation-wide marketing, or utilize for educational or public consciousness and advocacy requirements.

How to matter?

The developed b-roll or packaged films is included in UNICEF’s and/or their lovers’ marketing and sales communications programs, and also will end up being delivered within the media, and distributed to UNICEF HQ, state Committees and donors, and placed on UNICEF’s a variety of digital networks, with regards to the intent and market associated with produced ingredients. The type of material will mainly seek to advanced the liberties of children, through elevating understanding or adding to constructive behavior changes.

Function Jobs:

In lapse on the main of connections in UNICEF Cambodia, the guide will be able to work closely because of the segment and officer seeking the videography tool for a particular assignment within region company.

Videographers will movie strategies and competition for example: improvement tasks in that particular niche; interviews with youngsters, people, people people, UNICEF business partners, etc to share their particular reviews; various appointments by contributor and national committees as well as goodwill ambassadors, and promotions. The videographer might compose the storyboard in consultation with UNICEF, create the program, customize as asked for by UNICEF, edit the footage, develop a shotlist and recording associated with the soundbites, and plan the final items (with narration, design, sounds, signal speech, subtitles if needed) as given by UNICEF. The principle style of videos content material will be documentary type, however on parties and with respect to the reason for this product, the film-maker might expected to source further help instance narrators, translators, celebrities, etc.

Length of the project will be based on recognized needs, and will eventually include time of pre-production, filming, or post-production as arranged with UNICEF.

To qualify as a/an [champion or advocate] for youngsters you have…


  • Bachelor degree and over, or certificate in relevant industry for instance sales, journalism, ad, film-making, etc.


  • Around 5 years expertise in film-making including scripting and editing.
  • Experience in key news retailers, promoting companies and advancement organizations a benefit.
  • Adventure interviewing family, people, neighborhood users, also stakeholders on digital camera is really important.
  • Knowledge of conceptualizing tale aspects and identifying characters is important.
  • Knowledge in creating tale panels and remedy and even programs is essential.
  • Knowledge in the application of issues in lower video clips is essential.
  • Previous event involved in Cambodia is tremendously desired.

Technological capabilities (confirmed by creation portfolio):

  • Proven specialist skills and understanding of areas of work
  • Revealed skills in clip manufacturing including recording, tale advancement, sophisticated editing and enhancing techniques


  • Capacity to capture easily and responsively
  • Power to manage automatically, such as identifying journey aspects, identifying the primary figures inside the video clip, and interviewing applications
  • Shows honesty and high honest values
  • Showcases social, sex, faith, group, nationality and get older susceptibility and adaptability
  • Treats everybody relatively without favouritism
  • Fulfils all commitments to gender sensitivity and zero patience for intimate harassment


  • Fluency in french. Familiarity with Khmer is tremendously attractive.

To look at depth regards to research in this assignment, kindly view here TOR SSA VIDEOGRAPHER_2020 TMS.pdf

For Virtually Any Youngsters, we demonstrate…

UNICEF’s fundamental ideals of persistence, range and honesty and main expertise in correspondence, cooperating with People and thrust for success.

Check out the competency system at

Terms of guide because of it work is present

UNICEF is definitely sold on range and introduction within the workforce, and induces all prospects, regardless of gender, nationality, religious and ethnic backgrounds, like persons managing handicaps, to use to become a component of the organization.


Only shortlisted individuals shall be called and enhance to a higher level of the collection techniques.

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